Starting to Prepare for the PNCB Exam

I have begun making my study plan for the PNCB exam, which I hope to take at the end of June. I hope to start “officially” studying sometime this month. I tend to do A LOT in terms of studying, so don’t worry if everything I’m about to tell you is not what you’re doing, or maybe you’re doing more, who knows?! I know what works for me, so I’m confident in the plan that I have come up with. First, I plan to sign up for the NAPNAP PNCB Online Review Course–this provides you with 16 weeks of access to review material (the course doesn’t take 16 weeks to complete, that is just how long you have access to it–once I buy it in a week or two I will organize the practice tests and materials into fitting my timeline). I will also be making drug cards for the most common pediatric medication (basically a lot of antibiotics haha…and some other meds too). I will study a few of these a day and bring them with me wherever I go. I know a lot of the medications pretty well from my preceptorships, but I want to know them inside and out. Then I already bought 3 books-1 review books and 2 books of questions. The first book I plan to go through THREE TIMES–it contains a basic outline of the information you need to know for the exam as well as questions at the end of every chapter. No well-thought out reasoning for this I just sort of put together my own personal review course based on reviews of the book and recommendations from previous exam takers, plus the fact that I feel the need to do crazy studying. And then the second book and third book is all questions, which I will do at the same time as going through the other book. I have all of these books divided into sections/topics per day or # of questions per day (depending on the type of book it is) based on when I’m starting to study and when my prospective test date is. Finally I will buy the official PNCB practice exam probably a week before my test date to see if there is anything else I need to focus on before the big day. And NO STUDYING 12 hours before the exam (some people say 24 hours–I can’t handle that, so I compromise with 12 haha).

Seem overwhelming? It is on paper, but I feel so relieved to have it all written out what I’m going to study when and to have almost all my resources in my hands. What are you doing to study? Already taken it? Any tips?

The next step is actually studying, of course, and applying to take the exam. I will be going through that process over the next 2 months so stay tuned!

~love always~


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